Shane’s Story

A visit to Newman becomes the start of a new life.

My parents had lived in Newman since 2002 , they came here because my Uncle had lived here since 1990, so when I finished studying in New Zealand I came over to stay with them and try to earn some money after studying. I had spent four out of the previous five years studying and was not confident that I could pay off my loan if I had stayed in NZ. By this time, I had already been to Newman 4 times before, just staying for a few months at a time during university holidays.

I was living in Auckland, NZ, studying aviation and gaining my commercial helicopter pilots licence before I came to Newman. Job prospects for a recently graduated pilot weren't great and I knew it wouldn't be a problem getting work in Newman so I decided to put my flying career on hold for a short time to sort out myself financially.

Since moving to Newman both my Uncle and his family and my parents have left.

I originally didn't have a job to come to in Newman, but had worked for a couple of companies before and so was pretty confident of getting work. Just before I was due to arrive the street mail contract became available, and when approached by Australia Post, Dad and I decided to take it on. Because the mail contract was pretty much part time we had a fair amount of spare time, so initially Dad and I contracted to local people as "Handy Men". We did small house renovations, painting, odd jobs, landscaping etc for people who found it too hard to get a tradesman from one of the local companies who were busy working for the larger companies operating in Newman. I even managed to get some work flying for a local helicopter company. In September 2008 Australia Post asked us to tender for the Parcel Delivery contract which we duly won. Since taking on the second Australia Post contract work life has become a lot busier and since Mum and Dad left I now manage both contracts myself, with the help of three awesome staff!



When asked what I like about Newman I start by saying that I love living here. I really particularly like the community feel of the town; I like the fact that when you go for a walk around town you say hi to the other people on the street and they say hi back…. that doesn't always happen in cities.

There are some really great people living in town and we have had the good fortune of meeting a some of them. The opportunities that have been presented, in all aspects of life, just because we were in Newman, have been pretty amazing. Within 18 months of living here I was running my own small business, able to pay off my student debt and purchase a house here in town, plus I have been able to get some hours as a pilot and get involved in some local sporting clubs. I don't have a favorite restaurant, my girlfriend is an amazing cook, far better than going out to a restaurant, so we prefer to eat in. I do miss the restaurants from home though. I don't think Newman has enough shops to allow us to get what we want. I find that I do most of my shopping online and just use Woolworths for food. The hardware store gets a lot of use, but it would be great to have a larger hardware warehouse with a greater range of products.



We have had some pretty amazing weekends visiting local water holes, which there are quite a few of. Karijini is not too far away and is a fantastic place to visit.

We have been to the coast on a few occasions and really love Point Samson. A few times a year we fly to Perth for a long weekend. It is nice to get away occasionally and catch a glimpse of city life.

This year has been a busy year of Soccer. I coached the Rangers under 16′s mixed, Albion womens and Rangers mens Soccer teams, all of which were highly enjoyable to be involved with and will probably be one of the highlights of my time in Newman. It was the first time for me coaching any sort of team sport and it was a massive learning experience, especially dealing with young teens, I have a new found respect for parents! Now that the outdoor season has finished we have indoor soccer at the Recreational Centre. That keeps us going until the outdoor season starts again next year.