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Marble Bar and Nullagine

Marble Bar and Nullagine


Located on the Nullagine River 189 km north of Newman, is the town of Nullagine.

The town takes its name from the local Aboriginal name for the river that runs through its centre. Nullagine has plenty of waterholes for the adventurous to discover, including Beatons Creek Gorge, Garden and Daylight Pools.

Some 120 kilometres further north, along a well maintained gravel road, is 'the hottest town in Australia' – Marble Bar.

The town derives its name from the immensely colourful band of jasper, 'a jewel of nature sparkling in the sunlight', which was originally thought to have been marble, that crosses the bed of the Coongan River, five kilometres west of the town at Marble Bar Pool (see the photos below). Interesting places to visit include the Iron Clad Hotel, Chinaman's Pool, Poinciana House, the State Battery Site, Corunna Downs, the invisible World War Two airbase, and the Pioneer War Memorial.

Information on the Marble Bar Walking trail can be obtained from the Newman Visitor Centre.